Tell me about joining Bai Rui Taekwon-Do

Come and Try for Free

Trying a class will assist you in deciding whether Taekwon-Do is right for you. Your first two classes are free, to give you a chance to try out with no obligation.

On your first night, you will be met by the Club Instructor and you can join in with the class, with a warmup and stretch before beginning to learn the basic techniques. Tell me about classes

For your first class, please try to show up 15 minutes before the starting time to meet the Instructor and some of the students, learn about basic class etiquette, and allow the instructor to learn about any medical issues or other requirements that might affect your training.


At the end of your two free trial classes, your Club Instructor will talk to you about joining Bai Rui Taekwon-Do. The instructor will go through the joining package which includes everything you need, including your uniform (dobok) to start your training and work towards becoming the best you can be.

Training Fees

Training fees are paid monthly, at the beginning of each month. We also offer a family discount on Training Fees for subsequent family members that join.

Contact us

To find a club, you can either contact headquarters or contact the Club Instructor to answer any questions you might have and get any extra details about the club. There is no need to make an appointment to try a class.