Syllabus Overview

Our new students, our white belts are always made to they feel welcome and very much a part of the club they have begun training with, and in deed very much a part of the whole of Bai Rui. Our white belts are our “most important students”.

From the first day of training, when all students form up in rank order, our new students will be standing formed up too, in the last row. They may look in front of them and see a sea of different coloured belts (yellow, green, blue, red and black) , and what they will soon discover is that each person ahead of them remembers standing where they are now, and each person ahead of them is there willing to help on their path in the training of Taekwon-Do.

After forming up, the class comes to attention and turns and salutes the flag, then returns to face the front, formally bow to the instructor, who then bows to the class. This shows the respect the student has for their instructor and in turn the respect the instructor has for each student.  Class begins with a warm up and some fitness work. This is followed by some stretching during which time the instructor may discuss some theory, dates coming up for things like tournament, seminars or testings. Warming up and getting moving, along with stretching are essential before any sport and definitely before training in tae kwon do. Also makes you feel good and ready to begin.  Our juniors (white belts) are then often broken off and put under the instruction of another black belt of the club. This becomes a one on one lesson for our white belts as a whole group. The first thing a student learns is the etiquette surrounding class – bowing coming into the training hall (dojang), and the formalities surrounding class. They are given their first syllabus sheet, which gives an outline of what they are about to learn as a white belt and a little background information of the art, and what they will learn about themselves.

They are taught during their training as white belts the two saju’s, or exercises. This teaches them the first fundamental movements and stances of the art. The foundation blocks of the art of Taekwon-Do. Bai Rui teaches ITF Taekwon-Do, we have standards that will not be dropped, the importance of teaching correct technique is paramount, and is our greatest asset.  As white belts they are also introduced to the Self Defence aspect of Taekwon-Do. For example how to release yourself from someone grabbing your wrist. To become aware of what is around you while out and about.

You will be introduced to the 3-step sparring system, which as a white belt is performed without a partner. This teaches the student what blocks defend what attacks, it puts into practice what is learnt firstly in the exercises (saju’s) and later on as the student progress and goes up in rank, the patterns they are taught are then demonstrated somewhat in a practical sense, in the 3 step sparring which is performed with a partner in higher ranks.

Self Defence, the technical aspects of kicking and punching, the finer details of defence/blocks are often taught as a whole class, in which our white belts learn and are very much a part of the lesson.  There is always someone of a higher rank ready to help and explain, and of course the instructor is always approachable and there to help you learn the fascinating art of Taekwon-Do.