2019 was a very busy year for Carina club, with one student testing for 2nd Dan in June, and in December not only did we have three students testing for Dan rankings (one for 1st Dan, one for 2nd Dan and one for 3rd Dan), but the Club’s Instructor Mr Liyanagama also tested for 5th Dan only months after competing in the 2019 ITF World Championships in Inzell, Germany.

2020 sees the newly promoted Black Belts working hard to learn their new patterns, as well as working with our students to help them prepare for upcoming coloured belt testings and tournaments. With students ranging from white belt (10th Gup) through to black stripe (1st Gup) we look forward to seeing a number of them successfully promoted to new ranks this year.

Having a number of Black Belts at Carina allows all of our students to receive regular input from a range of seniors, as well as from visiting Instructors and Black Belts – no two classes are ever the same, which keeps it interesting for everyone!


Deborah Lewis