Around the Clubs

2019 was a very busy year for Carina club, with one student testing for 2nd Dan in June, and in December not only did we have three students testing for Dan rankings (one for 1st Dan, one for 2nd Dan and one for 3rd Dan), but the Club’s Instructor Mr Liyanagama also tested for 5th Dan only months after competing in the 2019 ITF World Championships in Inzell, Germany.

My parents questioned my sanity when I told them I was going to trek to Everest Base Camp; it was as if I had announced I wanted to climb Everest itself. I had just completed my 2nd Dan testing, something I five years ago I hadn’t imagined possible, and now I wanted to take a stab at another lofty goal of mine.

I’ve been to Nepal before, climbing a couple of 6000m peaks along the stunning Annapurna trek, so I understood the physical demands, the confronting nature of squat toilets, and the unimaginative, carbo-repetitive mountain food.

Graceville 20 years old

The Graceville Club commenced operation on the 14 October 1997 at the Graceville State School. The opening of the club also marked the beginning of Mr John Bates’ instructorship. With the help of family and fellow students, the club started to build and develop into a stable club that supports all the major Bai Rui Taekwon-Do events.

Squad for the first time

The idea of going to squad scared me, black belts would talk about sore arms and legs at Monday’s nights training. By my calculations, people significantly fitter and in every way tougher than me were still sore over 48 hours after the event.

Recently, the North Lakes club has had a large influx of new white belts.  Starting taekwon-do can be both exciting and daunting.  Our new students have stepped up and challenged themselves to learn something new by joining in.  This is the first in a whole set of steps of "new stuff".