TaeKindy Dayboro Club

Mrs Karen McCarthy
0459 252 049
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Dayboro Community Hall, 12 Bradley St, Dayboro

Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Dayboro

Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Dayboro club was established over 20 years ago after local parents held a meeting with Master Birch in the Dayboro Community Hall. Mr Donal Byrne held the role of instructor up until June 2011. Mr Byrne established connections with the Dayboro Day Committee and began an annual ritual of being involved with Dayboro Day parade and demonstrations. Mr Byrne had the honor of assisting many students to the rank of black belt. One of those students, Mrs Sue Meek, has now taken over the role of instructor.

Mrs Meek joined Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Dayboro in early 2004 to accompany her two young daughters in their training. With the guidance of Mr Donal Byrne, she achieved A pass results in all coloured belt gradings from 7th gup through to 1st gup. In December 2009 Mrs Meek tested successfully for 1st Dan Black Belt. In June 2011 Mrs Meek travelled with a group of over 70 other Bai Rui students (incuding her two daughters) to train alongside partner clubs in Denver, Colorado and compete in the USTF International Tournament. Upon her return to Australia, Mrs Meek took over the role of instructor so Mr Donal Byrne could establish a club closer to his home at Upper Caboolture.

Come along for two free training sessions to discover the art of Taekwon-Do. Family members over the age of 7 can come along to develop fitness, flexibility, self defence skills, coordination and concentration. Additionally, Taekindy is available for children aged 4 - 6 years at the Dayboro club to allow them to participate in a fun, martial arts based activity.