On Tuesday night at the Pine Rivers Special Class we had a new student trying out, you can see Master Taylor going through some punching drills. This is why we do Taekwon-Do, a Master Instructor training with a brand new white belt.


We received this message from the student's mother. Thank you for allowing us to help your son reach his goals.


ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder effects around 1 in 60, with boys being the higher statistic than girls.

Billy was diagnosed with ASD and high generalised global anxiety in June this year, this was a very long process with many many hard days and lots of data collection to finalise his diagnosis.

The last 2 years have been a roller coaster for our whole family and of course a daily struggle for Bill. A normal day for Billy is exhausting, with constant school refusal and an inability to attend, night terrors, no sleep, anxiety attacks and constant questions due to his highly active and overthinking brain. This to an outsider, can portray as a misbehaving or “naughty” child but truth is he doesn’t have the ability to control those thoughts and feelings. Like everyone else, his brain is the governing function, the mother board if you like to his entire body, signalling his reaction to touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. His neurosensory system is constantly heightened due to the chemicals in his brain, so naturally he reacts differently to that of a “normal” brain. 
We have been working together with a team over the past 6 months to give Bill the management tools necessary for him to function socially and emotionally and this is something that he will continue to implement for the rest of his life, obviously changing as he grows and develops. 
There is no cure for Autism, it is a part of who he is and it makes him the smart, beautiful, funny witty boy that we all know and love.

Last night, Billy attended his first Taekwondo lesson where his Aunty Belinda Ratcliffe is an instructor. I was unsure and doubtful that he would engage as he struggles being in large groups and around unfamiliar noise, he has very low self esteem and rarely tries new things. However, knowing the benefits myself first hand that exercise and diet have on the brain and vice verse, I thought this was a great opportunity for him to get active, and work on his coordination and body/space awareness as he has poor proprioception (In the limbs, the proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length, and muscle tension, which is integrated to give information about the position of the limb in space. The muscle spindle is one type of proprioceptor that provides information about changes in muscle length).

Today I am so PROUD! He went along, he engaged, he learnt but most of all HE SMILED THE WHOLE TIME! This to others might seem like a daily activity taking your child to their sport but for Billy this was and is a massive achievement. He was apprehensive but pushed through his anxiety and got involved. 
On returning home he was showing me all the new moves he had learnt, how to “look your opponent in the eyes” how to bow, foot and hand placement and of course how “they were really nice ninjas” that instructed him lol 😂 
I don’t share a lot of personal information on Facebook but today I have woken up with a smile on my face and a positivity that even the darkest of tunnels has light at the end👌🏻 As a parent seeing your child succeed, laugh, smile and feel accomplished makes any and every bad day null in void. 
We have a long road ahead of us but yesterday was a good day and 2 million bad days cannot compare to watching him last night. 
You have got this Bill! The sky isn't even the limit my man  Xoxox 💪🏻💕