Bai Rui held a very successful Black Belt testing at The Gap, which was run by Mr. Taylor. Twelve candidates braved the testing floor and were treated to an encouraging speech by Mr. Bradley and a light warmup taken by Mr. Amie-Fong. Performance in the patterns was consistently strong, and the audience was treated to a high energy Ho Sin Sul by Miss. Newey and Mr. Newey, among others.   

Training for World Cup Sparring in September helped to lift the standard of the four corner sparring. The fearless Miss. Maslen took on her opponents with sheer determination and indomitable spirit, and had a strong testing for her second degree. Paige and Declan Greer made their father proud on the testing floor with their fine kicks and intelligent ring craft, proving to everyone that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mr. Calvin Nguyen continued in family tradition gaining his second degree, and was particularly aggressive and focused throughout the testing.

Power breaking saw some hit and misses, candidates realising the sting of the power breaking machine. One student however, Mr. Luke Weier, one of the school’s longest standing first degrees, proved that technique wins in the end achieving nearly all his breaks. The general mood of the room was superb with everyone happy with the results. Congratulations to our new black belts and second degrees for a fantastic performance, and thank you to our seniors for running a smooth and interesting first Black Belt testing of 2018.  

- Christie Board, 1st Dan Black Belt, Holland Park