The Graceville Club commenced operation on the 14 October 1997 at the Graceville State School. The opening of the club also marked the beginning of Mr John Bates’ instructorship. With the help of family and fellow students, the club started to build and develop into a stable club that supports all the major Bai Rui Taekwon-Do events.

Mr Bates is a very technical instructor and the Graceville Club students are always well prepared for testings and tournaments. Not only has the club developed over the last 20 years but also Mr Bates having started as a 1st Dan Black Belt is now a very capable 6th Dan Black Belt.
Bai Rui Taekwon-Do is celebrating the Graceville Club 20th Anniversary milestone by holding a special Black Belt Class at Graceville on 14 October 2017.      
Happy anniversary Graceville Club.

Mr John Bates being congratulated on achieving 6th Dann Black Belt by the founder of Bai Rui Taekwon-Do, Senior Master Charles Birch