Recently, the North Lakes club has had a large influx of new white belts.  Starting taekwon-do can be both exciting and daunting.  Our new students have stepped up and challenged themselves to learn something new by joining in.  This is the first in a whole set of steps of "new stuff".
We had eight students from North Lakes who tested for a variety of ranks.  At each rank comes new syllabus.  There is a tournament coming up in November which our students of all ranks (including white) can try.  Some of our seniors are currently experiencing new fitness challenges to start to prepare for the black belt fitness test.  Other North Lakes students will be attending the annual Summer Camp for the first time ever.  The "new stuff" with taekwon-do never stops.  I recently sat on the examination panel for a testing for the first time ever.  Even at 4th Dan, there are still new experiences and challenges.
We encourage our white belts and all students across Bai Rui to get involved and experience as much "new stuff" as they can.  I am looking forward to seeing their progress over the next few years - it is an exciting time for the whole club!!
Kirsty Povey - 4th Dan International Instructor, North Lakes