Tenets at JBOOM
We are a small but dedicated team, in many respects we are a TKD family. The family rules personify the tenets, even if we are on the edges of civilisation. We embody Courtesy from our smallest tae kindy student to our most chronologically experienced student, no matter belt colour the expectations remain consistent. We show our Integrity by striving to better ourselves with the guidance of our incredible instructors. Patiently persevere to better our skill levels and continue to strive to improve.
We practice our self-control, to hone our skills. Lastly, and to me the most powerful, Indomitable Spirit. Together we overcome all by working together and all of our individual strengths combine to make us a strong team.
We learn these lessons and they build our character, strength and skills. Our students are looking forward to bettering themselves andre keen to participate in many events, such as squad fitness, demonstrations, park training and tournaments. Many of our students are aspirational for the World Cup 2018. This dynamic family look forward to meeting challenges together and building a more peaceful world.
 - Helen Hennegan, 7th Gup Colour Belt, Jimboomba