I shall build a more peaceful world.  This statement is 1 of the 5 parts to the Taekwon-do oath.  The Taekwon-do oath is taught by all Bai-Rui Instructors and is taken by all Bai Rui Taekwon-do students as part of their obligations to the art, their instructors, fellow students and to society at large.  But how do we build a more peaceful world by learning to punch and kick? Isn't that a contradiction? This glaring irony is often a point of discussion in class especially while learning devastating techniques capable of inflicting the final blow a vital body part. But the answer is actually quite simple.


Unfortunately, we are seeing violence in society becoming more and more commonplace. With the ever-increasing amounts of schoolyard bullying, road rage or unprovoked public attacks the level of violence is ever-present. I teach my students to a beacon of light in this world, capable of protecting themselves while standing up for the right to peace and safety for themselves as well as for others.

Being a martial artist means you are capable of enforcing peace and safety through protecting yourself and others. With confidence in your ability and self-defence technique, a martial artist can stand strong in their daily lives as a part of society with the knowledge to defend themselves and avoid becoming a victim to violence.


While my students are learning many valuable skills both physical and mental, I hope their lives never present a situation that requires the use of their self-defence techniques. However, I trust that they will look to protect their personal rights and those of others. A Taekwon-do student should strive to uphold the Taekwon-do oath they have taken to build a more peaceful world.



- Andrew Newey, 3rd Dan Instructor, Albany Creek Club