Around the Clubs


If you drive down Wynnum Road you might have seen our new advertising board on the big screen. Why not come down and try Taekwon-do. If you don't know much about Taekwon-Do, check about classes here.

Give the Instructor Mr Tallentire a call on 0423 837 889 for more information about the Manly club. Mr Tallentire is a 4th Dan International Instructor and is also one of the coaches for the team going to the World Cup in September 2018. 

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The idea of going to squad scared me, black belts would talk about sore arms and legs at Monday’s nights training. By my calculations, people significantly fitter and in every way tougher than me were still sore over 48 hours after the event.

Recently, the North Lakes club has had a large influx of new white belts.  Starting taekwon-do can be both exciting and daunting.  Our new students have stepped up and challenged themselves to learn something new by joining in.  This is the first in a whole set of steps of "new stuff".

The Graceville Club commenced operation on the 14 October 1997 at the Graceville State School. The opening of the club also marked the beginning of Mr John Bates’ instructorship. With the help of family and fellow students, the club started to build and develop into a stable club that supports all the major Bai Rui Taekwon-Do events.

Tenets at JBOOM
We are a small but dedicated team, in many respects we are a TKD family. The family rules personify the tenets, even if we are on the edges of civilisation. We embody Courtesy from our smallest tae kindy student to our most chronologically experienced student, no matter belt colour the expectations remain consistent. We show our Integrity by striving to better ourselves with the guidance of our incredible instructors. Patiently persevere to better our skill levels and continue to strive to improve.