A "Taekindy" class is a specialised taekwon-do class aimed at children from 3 - 7 years old.  Taekwon-do ettiquette and syllabus is taught, but at a slower pace than with a normal class.  Children gain fitness, confidence, self-control within the classes all while learning the concepts of self-defence which are provided by taekwon-do.
Taekindy classes are typically an hour long and often at an earlier timeslot than the normal class.  When the students join, they are provided with a modified taekwon-do uniform, which includes the martial arts pants and a specialised Bai Rui "Taekindy" t-shirt.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch all classes.  Taekindy students in Bai Rui have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of greater school activities, including camps and tournaments. This gives your little one the best introduction possible into the art of taekwon-do.  Contact us now for Taekindy class locations!
Here are our Taekindy Locations;

Norris Road (Bracken Ridge)






The Gap