Join Bai Rui Thornlands before the end of July and pay no monthly fees until October 2018.  Joining packages during this time will include; uniforms, registration and enrollment fees, but will also include monthly fees for July, August and September.
Come along to Bai Rui Thornlands for your obligation free trial classes, and join the club before the end of August.  Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday nights, 6:15pm - 7:45pm in the Hall of Bayview State School, 77 Ziegenfusz Rd, Thornlands
Offer only applies for the Bai Rui Thornlands location.  No monthly fees promotion applies once Joining Fees are paid and enrolment is completed. For more details about the joining package please contact us.


Instructor - Mr Tony Nguyen

Ph: 0455 999 945



Training Times and Location

Monday and Wednesday, 6:15pm - 7:45pm


Bayview State School

77 Ziegenfusz Rd, Thornlands


Club Photos - Thornlands