Instructor - Mr Raymond Kimlin

Ph: 0499 225 155



Training Times and Location

Tuesday and Thursday,  6:00pm - 7:30pm


The Golden Age Centre

68 Elizabeth Drive, Goondiwindi


The Goondiwindi instructor Mr Mark Baker started training in taekwon-do in September 2001 and was promoted to first degree black belt in December 2004. Mr Baker started the Goondiwindi club in February 2004, and it has been running ever since.

In July 2008, Mr Baker attended World Camp in Colorado, USA and trained under three grand masters of the art - Grand Master C.E. Sereff, Grand Master Renee Sereff and Grand Master Winegar. Since that time, Mr Baker has also completed an International Instructors Course, which was run by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha in Sydney, April 2012.

Goondiwindi's Assistant Instructor, Mr Raymond Kimlin, is a foundation member of the Goondiwindi club, and in the time since it open, has trained to the level of third dan black belt. Both Mr Baker and Mr Kimlin compete in tournaments and attend training camps and senior black belt classes and Master Instructor classes on a regular basis to update their training skills and knowledge.

The Goondiwindi club instructors ensure that training at the club teaches more than kicking and punching. Etiquette and the technical knowledge of taekwondo are integral parts of the classes. As taekwon-do can be practiced by young and old, male or female, the classes are ideal for the whole family to participate in an activity together.


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